May 20, 2024

What You Can Do to Make Your Bluetooth Headphones Last Longer

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What You Can Do to Make Your Bluetooth Headphones Last Longer

You have invested several hundred dollars in a pair of high-quality earphones. There are solutions to mitigate the durability issues inherent to wireless headphones. These are consumer electronics, not the headphones you used as a child. To help you maintain your headphones, we have compiled this short tutorial. Here’s how to get the most use out of your brand-new item for as long as possible, putting off the inevitable replacement for as long as possible.

Try Not To Overcharge

The lithium-ion battery will age more quickly if you overcharge it. Because of this, battery life degrades over time. Because of this, rapid charging is cut off just short of full capacity. When the earphones are full, remove them from the charger immediately to avoid overcharging. 

Disconnect the charging case from your true wireless earphones when they are full. The battery within the casing will not be under as much stress this way. Keep your wireless earphones (and their carrying case) charged to 60–80% for the longest battery life. To recharge, first let it drain to 25% capacity. 

Clean Your Batteries

The key to prolonging the life of your wireless headphones is making sure you always have the components you need. In this case, the issue is powering the headphones themselves. Most of the time, this entails changing how you charge your devices. If you want to keep your devices working for as long as possible and out of landfills, our sister site, Android Authority, offers a great tutorial on how to do just that. In contrast to the battery in your phone, the one in your headphones is small. 

The battery life of your headphones will decrease much more rapidly than that of your mobile device. This is also the reason why the average lifespan of a pair of truly wireless earphones is less than a year. If you follow these steps, you should get a lot of use out of your headphones’ batteries. More advanced TWS earphones are smart enough to understand your listening patterns and automatically stop listening when completely charged, much like Apple’s AirPods. 

Turn Off Any Extra Wires

Bluetooth still uses power even when not actively streaming music. If you want to save battery life on your Bluetooth device, remove your bluetooth earphone while you are not using them.

When your battery is low, it’s better to connect to only one device instead of using a multipoint setup. Having many connections active at once increases power consumption.

Keep Your Charging Port Safe

The charging port is the weakest link in your brand-new wireless headphones. Small solder connections on that assembly are the first things to fail, regardless of whether your headphones have a USB-C, micro USB, or Lightning interface. Over time, normal use will wear out your headphones’ charging port, rendering them useless. That is because a small circuit board and even tinier metal prongs are what keep your port connected to the inside innards (and functioning at all). Applying force to such pinpoints might cause permanent damage.

Keep In The Right Conditions For Storage

  • The battery life and integrity of the earphones are both severely compromised by improper storage conditions. 
  • The internal resistance and the life span of a battery degrade at temperatures over 113 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep the temperature above -4 degrees Fahrenheit (or -20 degrees Celsius) to preserve battery life.
  • Humidity and moisture may cause corrosion of battery components, which can cause the battery to fail.
  • Avoid leaving your Bluetooth headphones in a window. They will heat up quite rapidly.
  • Protecting the battery life of your earphones is an important consideration regardless of the type or brand you use. 


Longer-lasting earphones are likely a product of future technological developments. But until then, a 5-hour capacity is all we can handle. You may get months or even years more out of a set of earphones by learning to be a responsible user and taking care of them as intended.

However, if none of these tricks revive your earphones’ dying battery, it’s safe to assume the battery is dead. You’ll need to replace them entirely.

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