May 20, 2024
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A Guide On How To Come Up With A Buzz Cut

Guide On Giving Yourself A Buzz Cut

A Buzz cut is common for most men because it is simple and easy maintenance. For those who love doing everything for themselves, coming up with a buzz haircut is not very complicated. If you have the proper tools and are confident to go through each step of the process, you can give yourself a buzz haircut without necessarily seeking help.hcg dose for trt

Most haircuts require help reaching some corners of the head, but with the effects of the COVID pandemic, people learn that doing their haircuts themselves is possible. For a smooth process, you will need to gather all the tools and the products needed to get the haircut in the working space. Below are tips on how to give yourself the perfect buzz cut from your home.

  • Ensure You Have The Best Hair Clippers

The basics of getting any haircut right are using the right clippers. To avoid wasting too much time cutting the hair, get a clipper that can swoop your hair in one round since the buzz cut leaves very short hair on the scalp.

Using a high guard number will only waste your time and energy because you will keep moving lower until you reach the standard length for a buzz haircut.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with the right clippers is a hand mirror to help you view corners you cannot navigate only with your eyes. The mirror will help you with the blind spots, which can be dangerous if left unattended.

  • Examine Your Scalp And Wash Your Hair

Washing the hair is important to understand what you are working with. Washing the hair before starting the cutting ensures that you have a proper view of the hair’s natural state to avoid situations where you cut too much or too little without realizing it.

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Washing the hair also helps eliminate any hair products present that could make navigating with the clippers hard. Use shampoo and conditioner to eliminate any old hair products on the hair.

Once you have buzzed your hair, take a close look to examine the condition of the scalp. You may want to check out any possible signs of scalp harm, such as moles and scars, that may need your attention. Get advice from your hair stylist if your scalp is damaged and requires serious attention.

  • Always Start With A Longer Buzz Than You Think You Need

You need to understand that you can always go shorter, but once you have chopped some hair off, you cannot put it back.

Start with a longer buzz than you need so that you leave room for adjustments and that you can correct any mistakes without going shorter than you wanted.

  • Work Against The Grain Of The Sides

When chopping the hair to generate buzz, you should use the clipper against the natural direction of hair growth. This helps ensure that you are pushing the hair in an upward direction as you do the cutting so you can easily achieve the spiky look seen in buzz haircuts.

As you work your way through the head, you need to take breaks to clean the clippers for smoother and easier cutting of the remaining hair.

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  • Tackling The Top

Once you are done creating the buzz on the sides, you will need to concentrate on the top since t is the most sensitive part. The top of the head may be tricky because the hair is swirly, and you may not be able to determine the natural direction of hair growth.

For this part, the rules will be a little bit different. Run the clippers up and down against the direction of the swirls until you get the desired hair length.

  • Fading The Ends

Although getting a fade along your hairline may be challenging, you can always try your luck if you are confident enough. You can consider getting help from your roommate if you want the fade at the ends and you are not confident enough to get it yourself.

  • Cleaning Up

Once you have got the buzz right, you will need to clean up to get rid of the chopped hair. Clean both the cleaners and yourself for purposes of hygiene.


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