May 20, 2024

12 Ways To Match An Antique Table And Modern Chairs


Interior design has come a long way. Today, there are numerous design styles to choose from, with each style having its own story to tell. Some people prefer traditional styles, others opt for more modern styles, while yet others select a style that consists of a mix of ancient and modern. There is no fixed template, as there is a virtually endless variety of furniture pieces to choose from.

In recent times, a huge trend has taken over interior design and home decor: pairing antique and modern furniture pieces. Some choose to go for a statement piece, which is typically one piece of furniture whose design is in stark contrast to the overall style and ambience of the room, helping to create a varied and eclectic look.

Matching antique tables with modern chairs is one of the ways in which people make their living spaces feel comfortable, welcoming and relaxed and the combination of ancient and modern can create a look that is truly unique. However, only choosing tables and chairs at random will not result in a look that one might have envisioned for a room. Therefore, the factors that one should consider while selecting the most suitable chairs and dining table Kolkata include the size of the room, the size of the furniture pieces one wishes to outfit the room with, the materials the tables and chairs are made of, as well as their respective positions in the room itself. It is equally important to consider are the colors, patterns and the lighting of the room.

Here are some suggested ways to pair an antique table with modern chairs:

1. A round vintage table with modern white chairs can create the perfect vibe for a room facing a balcony or large windows, resulting in a sunroom effect. Keeping plants around will also add to the overall charm.
2. Wooden top tables with leather benches are a great idea for people wanting to pair comfort with functionality seamlessly. This combination results in a look that is symmetrical, and the lines of both the benches and the table complement rather than conflict with each other.
3. An antique rustic table with modern chairs or cushioned benches has the potential to create an eclectic yet warm and cozy atmosphere. The cushions can be used as a distinct design element in this layout, and this combination is perfect to set up by a window.
4. A posh white dining table with white sculptural chairs can be combined together to create a look that is contrasting while also creating an effect of not being very different either.
5. An antique table with Eiffel-base shell chairs is yet another example of how the traditional can coexist harmoniously with the modern, giving an eclectic and quirky look to any living space. The wooden hues of the table provide a fitting counterpoint to the simplicity of the white shell chairs, while the design of their legs delivers yet another dimension to the aesthetic.
6. An elegant whitewashed table with upholstered armchairs is a combination that gives a refined feel to a room. This antique table paired with modern armchairs that have a light, creamy colored upholstery help to maintain a look of sophistication without making the combination seem excessively contrasting.
7. A vintage table with mismatched chairs is an excellent choice for those seeking to outfit their living spaces with furniture that is quirky and playful while seamlessly combining the ancient and the modern. Going for an assortment of colored chairs as opposed to maintaining a uniform color for the chairs is a great way to add vibrance and a cheery vibe to the room.
8. A rustic antique table and a mixed selection of chairs is another great way to introduce variety to a living space. Setting up the dining area with a mix of chairs including simple wooden chairs, modern plastic chairs, metal chairs and leather chairs will not only add a generous touch of randomness and eclecticism, but will also provide a diverse selection of seating options for guests.
9. An antique table with whitewashed legs paired with modern white chairs and a bench is a rather unconventional combination of furniture pieces, but it is one that makes for a vintage look that is softer and subtler. The benches help to create a calm, casual environment where guests can relax and feel at ease.
10. A rustic wood and marble table combined with Bertoia side chairs is an ideal pairing for those seeking a more simplistic and non-ostentatious design aesthetic. This combination is ideal for spaces that have white or pale-colored walls.
11. Classic cafe chairs around a vintage table seamlessly blend the calm, easygoing vibe of an outdoor dining setup while maintaining the elegance and panache of the vintage table. The solid wood finish of the table pairs well with the metallic finish of the chairs.
12. An antique round dining table with polished black industrial chairs provides an interesting contrast. This combination effortlessly combines utilitarianism with decadence, while also creating a softer, clean look.

These are just some of the ways to match an antique table with modern chairs. Whatever design one wishes to go for, there are several high end furniture stores in Kolkata to purchase tables and chairs of diverse styles and textures. Combining the ancient with the modern is a great way to give depth and character to any living space!

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